Scent Charms-Leopard Print Mama


Super cute scent charms are a HIT! Double sided design so it's viewable from all angles. These are refreshable scents and therefore, last much longer than aroma beads. Major PLUS, these do not melt in the heat! 

You may spray as much or as little as you would like.

For our 2ml atomizers you are able to get 35-37 spritz (roughly 5 spritz a week) and should last 2-3 months. 

There are 7 fragrances to pick from.  Make sure you select from the dropdown menu when you purchase.

*Please note that during the hot summer months the oils may dissipate more quickly due to frequent heat. Also please use caution when spraying the scent charm, as not to oil surrounding areas.

*NOTE that EVERY car charm could possibly be sent with a different tassel and/or beads! That's what makes this fun. It's unique! 

*Allow 7-10 business days for pickup or shipping.